Sam (shopclerk) wrote,

Burley. (Or as AnarCHY would say, "wish it were better news, bro"...)

A friend I met in 1989 at the Pines Theatre & Drafthouse in Cocoa got me hooked into Rocky Horror Picture show as I had a rather large car and usually played not only light tech for the Creatures Of the Night (Cocoa, Florida) cast. I also was the cast's 'freighter pilot', so called for the Han Solo-looking outfit I once could wear and for the Millenium Falcon-sized 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Formal Sedan that I would taxi around at least some six of the cast members on a regular basis.

His name was Dave Clark, and he played the role of Riff Raff. I lost touch with him in 1993 after he left to attend college in Georgia. The majority of us knew him as 'Burley', a handle (as we called screennames back in the day) from the 10-line chat BBS we all were a part of. Dave was an inspiration to me. I worked hard on lights to keep our shows at the Pines lit bright and cue'd on time. Further the more I was also inspired that the role of Riff Raff would be the one I enjoyed most. Two years ago and last year I had the opportunity to play Riff Raff for Surfside Playhouse's production of Rocky Horror Picture Show for their yearly fundraiser to pay for roof and building repairs. During each of those shows I thought of Dave, wondering where he was and how I would reach him. And as of late I thought the same thing. Dave was tip-top when it came to the role and I was proud to be inspired by him back in the day. I had hoped to bring him to a show either at Surfside, in Orlando with the Rich Weirdoes or both.

This will not happen in person, only in spirit.

I just got word today that he lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis not long ago.

With all finesse aside, this sucks, plain and simple.Plain, and Simple.

Sometime this year I will once again rehearse for and play the part of Riff Raff, this time it will be deliberately for Dave.

"dammit.. son of a bitch..."
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