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Inner workings of Dark Star Production Company's sole proprietor

The World of a Mildly Affluent Video Whore...

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I am unique, like everyone else who walks this planet.

I run five communities. Not a lot happens at any given community but they are there.

floridiansounds - The place to find out about all events in Florida
the_chalkboard - The place to say what's on your mind.
plain_n_fast - The place to show of plain-looking fast rides.
railroad_photos - Pictures of what's riding the rails.
petrolpatrol - The place to find who has the cheapest gasoline.

I am a freelance amateur videographer, director, film producer.
I run a hole-in-the-wall website with limited information about my work.
You can see pieces at http://darkstarproductions.tripod.com
** Updates for Dark Star Productions can be found at darkstarvideo; no longer are they on this journal **

* reading this journal is by invitation only *